Creative Media™ provides aerial photography and videography services using a specially customized drone of high quality. First-rate video materials and photographs (4K, Ultra HD and Full HD resolution) enable us to shoot a more significant number of details from different heights. The drone is equipped with a video-link which sends us an aerial picture and ensures real-time framing for capturing the best images.

Except for the video-link, a parachute is another part of the drone equipment for the safety of people, air traffic and facilities. We dedicate maximum attention to each project, so do not hesitate to contact us for more details.
We may offer a complete promote package which involves aerial video and photo shooting, advising services, material processing and editing. Our aim is to provide customers with the final product to improve the promotion of the product or service itself. Intending to respect all laws and regulations and achieve maximum security, we cooperate with all relevant institutions regularly.

Application possibilities include film or TV production, tourism promotion, a presentation of the hotel or private accommodation, shooting music concerts, entertainments, weddings or sports events, the aerial real estate photography service, scanning high and inaccessible landscape, construction surveys and geodetic surveying for numerous projects and researches.

Spectacular perspective - Authorized filming and maximum security


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