High-end live streaming for internet or TV

As a true pioneer of new audio-visual technologies in our county, we can offer top live streaming of numerous events by TV standards. To our customers and those yet to become, we enable services for an increasingly popular way of communication on social networks, that is web streaming in HD resolution.

Regardless of whether to cover sports, cultural, entertainment or any other social event of importance for the local or national community.

In Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, we are the only ones who possess all the infrastructure and equipment needed for doing a demanding production job such as web streaming. Therefore, your event may be covered by multiple cameras with HD image and sound quality, without unnecessary issues in transferring such as image freezing.

Animated graphics are used to enrich the live internet streaming with the possibility of making it viral on popular social networks such as Facebook and YouTube at the same time, enabling all your friends to see the event.

Our production applies a slow-motion system for sports events. For our viewers to get a better experience of the event itself on their screens, some interlocutors can be included to make comments. There is no difference between the live internet streaming we work on and TV production. For every live Internet streaming, we deliver a code to be installed on your websites, portals or blogs.

After finishing the production, we can immediately deliver the recorded and edited material on the optical media or a pen drive. Creative Media will pay full attention to each streaming and get it done according to a ‘turnkey’ system. We did the first streaming back in 2012, and the next one can be done tomorrow – just for you!

There is no difference between the live internet streaming we work on and TV production.


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